Hoover Youth Cheerleading

Be of Good Cheer!



Welcome 1st-6th grade Hoover youth!

HAA Cheer exists to promote a love for cheerleading and to provide a quality cheer experience for Hoover youth.


Is the Rec Competitive League right for your cheerleader?

Compare HAA's Rec Cheer and Rec Competitive Cheer Leagues.


Rec Cheer League

If you enjoyed Hoover Youth Cheerleading last season, then you will love the Rec Cheer League or OTM Youth Cheer. It has the former guidelines of Hoover Youth Cheer.
Hoover Youth Cheer is now defined as the HAA Recreational Competitive Cheer League.


On-Line Registration
April 1 - June 1, 2015

Special thanks to our
2014 Coaches

70lb: Casey Hughes 
80lb: Kari Davis
90lb: Michele Collabrese
105lb: Rhonda Brown
120lb: Collin Nelson
130lb: Kappi McGuffee

Thank You!
Thank you to all HAA Cheerleaders and cheer families. HAA is happy to announce that you helped the program grow 4x's in size during the past two seasons.
Be of Good Cheer!

2013 4th Place Alabama Youth Cheer Competition
5th Grade Competition Squad

2015 Hoover Athletic Association CheerLeading
Hoover Athletic Association Cheer is made up of two different options to choose from, The Recreation Cheer League OTM and The Recreation Competitive Cheer League. 

The Recreation Cheer League will be OTM Youth Cheerleading, 2nd - 5th grade, and will have the former Hoover and Spain Park Cheer program by guidelines and expectations. This league will cheer for OTM Youth Football League.

The Recreation Competitive Cheer League will be newly defined by guidelines and expectations. Cheerleaders, 1st- 6th grade, will cheer for Hoover Youth Cheerleading and Spain Park Youth Cheerleading and the Hoover and Spain Park Youth Football JSYFL. Excluding 1st grade, all squads will compete in the UCA Alabama Youth Cheer Competition in November.

Please see the HAA Cheer League Chart and the Rec and Rec Competitive Official Rules of Play to make the best choice for your cheerleader and family.



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